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Penny Janice Winnie Forrester



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Penny Janice Winnie Forrester

Penny is a 13-year-old actress from Hollywood and stars in the hit TV series Bolt. She's also the owner of Bolt and cares deeply for him. Her voice actress is Miley Cyrus and her voice actor as a child is Chloë Grace Moretz, when she was 7 years old and adopted Bolt. Her birthday is July 14th, 1995 and her full name is Penny Janice Winnie Forrester.


Penny is a kind, caring and intelligent young girl who has a love for animals. It's clear she loves Bolt and wasn't happy when she couldn't take him home with her while she worked at the studio. She clearly isn't fond of her agent who rarely listens to her and tries to persuade her into doing what he wants. She's also very loving towards all animals, including Mittens and Rhino, who she presumably found at the hospital and adopted.


Penny is: Slender, 13/14 years old, short auburn hair, big brown eyes, fair skin, red shirt with dark brown sleeves, black shorts over grey and brown striped tights, black socks with red stripes at each tops, and black combat boots.

Relationships Edit

Bolt Edit

Penny adopted Bolt when she was 8 and Bolt was just a young puppy from Silverlake Animal Rescue. She immediately loved him and fondly calls him "my good boy." She hates leaving Bolt alone on the set of their hit TV show and is against the director's firm determination to keep Bolt from knowing the truth: That he is just a normal dog and that all the superpowers Bolt can do on the TV show are just special effects. Penny loves Bolt very much and is heartbroken when she learns he has run away (looking for Penny.) Penny cares deeply for Bolt and the pair will always be there for each other.

Mittens Edit

Penny adopted Mittens along with Rhino after the studio fire and cares for her a lot.

Rhino Edit

Penny adopted Rhino along with Mittens after the studio fire and cares for him a lot.

Her Agent Edit

Penny strongly dislikes her agent who seems to always shut her ideas and opinions down and doesn't care about anyone but himself. She is horrified and insulted when he proposes they publicises the studio fire to gain fame and she and Bolt angrily quit the show.

Her Mother Edit

Penny obviously cares deeply for her mother and confides in her about her fears of Bolt being out in the real world all alone. Penny's mother only addresses Penny using her endearments eg "sweetie". This shows how close Penny and her mother are.

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